Cricket Chirps Editorial Policy


The Cricket Chirps is published by the newspaper staff of Seguin High School and serves as a medium for communicating with its readers. It exists to inform readers about school, national and world events, the community, to entertain, and to function as an open forum for student expression.


The Cricket Chirps staff has adopted the following editorial policy:


  • Libelous and obscene material, profane or purposely disruptive statements will not appear in the Cricket Chirps.


  • The staff of the Cricket Chirps retains the right to choose content and to determine the priority of stories for its readers. Final decisions involving all written and pictorial content of the Cricket Chirps shall be made by the staff and adviser.


  • The Cricket Chirps will strive to present the news in an objective manner. As much as possible, the writers will research views, policies or actions that are being reported so those involved may express their opinion in an article. The Cricket Chirps will attempt to use fairness, impartiality, accuracy, truthfulness and responsibility in presenting ideas to its readers.


  • The Cricket Chirps will make clear distinction between factual and opinionated content. If opinion pieces appear, they will be labeled as such.


  • Advertising which endorses alcohol, cigarettes or any other substance that is not legally available to teenagers will not appear in the Cricket Chirps. Political endorsements will not appear either.


  • Any reader with a grievance after the Cricket Chirps has been published may request a meeting with the editors and adviser.


  • The Cricket Chirps will not discriminate against members of any group, be it minority or otherwise, in the amount of coverage, staff representation or any other manner.

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